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Mobile means convenience and privacy for you

R&E is a mobile provider that brings various services to you. We offer DOT Testing, mobile labs, notary services, fingerprinting, and more. These services are offered in comfort of your home, office, and even your hotel room. Your comfort and discretion  are at the forefront of our professional providers. We care about everyone's health and are committed to building a healthier tomorrow. At every step in the testing process, from collection to reporting, we provide caring, efficient, reliable, and high-quality services. We are here to fill all of  your community and commercial needs. From fulfilling your lab draws to physicals, and general vaccinations we help calm this worry. By bringing this service to you, we help reduce your risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses.


***We observe all CDC Guidelines when caring for you.


  • Allergy Test

  • Routine Lab Work

  • COVID-19 Vaccines

  • Background Checks

  • FLU and Seasonal Vaccinations

  • DNA and Biometrics Testing

  • Back to School Vaccinations

  • Sports, General, DOT Physicals, and DOT Drug Testing

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