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Where healing happens best!

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Do you want to keep your loved one from entering a nursing home, or an Inpatient Mental Health Facility? Do you have problems getting to your appointments? Let R and E-Health Care, assist you in helping patients stay in their homes where healing happens best. We specialize in caring for patients who may be medically fragile, have behavioral health issues or are chronically ill. We offer non-emergency transportation, and medical escorts to several destinations. We have professionally trained staff here to assist with all of needs. To find out more about our services please review a complete listing of the services below. We are COVID Compliant with all care


We realize that with regards to in-home consideration, no two cases are the same. This is the reason we put stock in customized care plans. To begin, simply follow these two basic advances:

Call today to schedule a free no-obligation assessment.


During the in-home assessment, we will give you on the spot feedback. On account of our restrictive in-home symptomatic devices, you'll have an organized consideration plan you can trust. We want to be as open and trusting as possible during this process. This is your loved one's overall wellbeing we're discussing; all are things considered.

Not Certain What Care You May Require?

We Are Here to Support Your Needs

Expectation, connectedness, joy, and purpose. These are general characteristics that we believe in our agency that help keeps people’s spirits up for the duration of their lives. Yet, as our friends and family start to age, it can immediately become clear that, with the goal for them to encounter all that life has to bring to the table, they may need some extra support. Deciding to choose care for your friends and family doesn't need to be negative – yet it's significant that you choose someone you can trust. We're here to assist you with doing that.


We urge you to reach out to us with any inquiries you have  regarding our services, to in-home care, our health care professionals, our caregivers, or whatever else that rings a bell.


Contact us today to discuss how we can help improve quality of life for someone that you love. For more information, call 470-545-0860 OR 678-691-4602.



Email us your referrals to You may also fax referrals to 470-300-7778.

Skilled Care Services

Skilled Care Services


Behaviora Health

Behavioral Health 

In-Home Care

Additional Care

Additional Services

Join our team

Join Our Team


Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time job, you will get a warm welcome and training from us. Our clients’ needs don’t always fall within traditional business hours, so R & E Healthcare offers unique flexibility and different schedules.


We also offer CNA Training with CPR First Aid Certification

Our comprehensive program will prepare you to become a candidate for the Certified Nursing Assistant's State Exam. Join us and become certified in CPR and First Aid.

We are always looking for a caring professional to join our team.


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Our Location

Our Location

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